If you’re vacationing in Arizona with your special someone, then it’s only natural that you want to find the most romantic restaurant in Sedona where you can take her and enjoy good food together. There are at least three great places so to eat in the city and these are Mesa Airport Grill, El Rincon Restaurant, and Rene’s Restaurant.  

Romantic Restaurant

Among the three restaurants listed above, the most romantic choice is Rene’s Restaurant. They serve an impressive collection of continental cuisine with a taste of southwestern flair. Take your partner to this place and just enjoy the night away.  

Have a Taste of Their Signature Dishes  

Other couples who have tried Rene’s Restaurant only have great words to say about the food and the service they received. You will most likely experience the same thing once you come here to dine. Once handed with the menu, you may try these wonderful signature dishes: 

  1. Colorado Rack of Lamb

This hearty meal is the specialty of the house. The lamb will be carved at your tableside and it will be served with mint hollandaise and mango chutney. It’s a meal for sharing. You and your partner will surely love it.  

  1. Tenderloin of Antelope

This is another must-try dish for first-timers in Sedona. Try how the wonderful the seared all-natural tenderloin of an antelope tastes like. This dish is served with whiskey juniper berry sauce.  

  1. Seared Scallops 

If you’re not into red meat, then you can try the scallops instead. Sweet sea scallops are seared to perfection and served over a prickly pear beurre rogue. You’ll get six ounces of this tender goodness. Alternately, you may also try the Cilantro Scallops.  

  1. Portobello Bolognese 

In case your partner is vegan, then this is the meal that suits him or her. The dish is complete with Portobello and porcini mushrooms that are cooked in rich cabernet tomato sauce and then served over spaghetti squash.  

  1. Sand Dabs

If you want to eat white meat instead, this sweet and delicate flatfish sauté is perfect for you. The dish finished with beurre noisette and served with rice and vegetables.   

  1. Monte Cristo

You can never go wrong with this dish. It consists of turkey, ham, and Swiss cheese dipped in egg batter and then deep fried. It is served with Arizona honey for the most delectable dipping experience.  

Meet the chef and find out more about the day’s menu as you might stumble upon even better creations. These are usually served during holidays and special occasions. You’ll love not just the food of Rene’s Restaurant but also the vibe and ambiance of the entire place.   

Rene’s Restaurant is awarded by the USA Today as one of the 10 Best Sedona Restaurants. This gracious and refined restaurant offers an indoor and alfresco dining experience at the courtyard. They also serve a terrific list of wine. This is the ultimate fine dining experience you’ll get while in the city so be sure to put up a reservation today. Let their food satisfy your senses and palate.